The Entrepreneur’s Ballad

Chalk poem detail Photo by elliot k, Source: Wikipedia


I’m an entrepreneur they say,

One of the thousands in this age and day.

They think its the riches that keep me in the fray,

But there’s hardly a day when things go my way.

Today began with a surprise,

Was it punishment, or was it a prize?

The Dog puketh, and the monkey poopeth,

The maid’s off today; my wife almost cries.

The pitch is bad; the investors are upset and I am sad,

But at home, things are just as bad.

There’s the recordings, and the editing is tiring,

Just then the UPS fries, and burns all the wiring.

Hire I must, but pay them I should,

They enjoy the sleep that I otherwise would.

The hole is burning, and there is no turning,

Many would turn back if they could.

But then it’s a path that I chose,

Against the advise of those near and close.

This is just the beginning, they say-

Need to keep going, because nobody has time for my woes.


We’ve all had our highs and lows- some days lower than others. Here’s a poem I originally posted on Medium, with the aim of bringing cheer to an otherwise gloomy day, when nothing went right. Everytime I read it, I feel ready to ‘fight’ another battle. Hope others will too!