Writing of different sorts: corporate blogs, poetry, reviews, columns, journals and guest posts….. anything and everything that will make a person a better writer.

And of course, writing about the process of writing! Someday, I hope to translate my mother’s and grandmother’s books (written in Marathi) and post them.


Product reviews, book reviews, or simply interesting feedback – both given and received- from amazon, Tripadvisor, and the likes.

In my school days, I used to be a poet. Over the years, I lost the art of writing poetry, but you will find examples of my works from my early days of writing here.

Guest Posts
Posts written by guests on my blog, or vice versa. You will find excerpts, extracts, or maybe even the post in its entirety here!

online marketing, offline, in person marketing.. hate it or love it, you have to market yourself, your products, etc. Here we will mostly talk about social media marketing.

Also, Posts on Quora, LinkedIn, Medium and other third party blogs and forums. And maybe an occasional interesting post or two on facebook or an Instagram story.

As an entrepreneur, you go through triumphs, frustrations, but also moments of tremendous personal and professional satisfaction. This is all about that and then some.

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