Kamakshi Media, my startup in podcasting and digital media space,  has produced seven podcasts since its launch in January 2018. Our shows include Baalgatha, MyKitaab, NRI:Now,Returned to India, and Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India. We have created shows for startups, entrepreneurs and nonprofits. Below are some of the podcasts that we have produced:


Screenshot fo website for Baalgatha Podcast

Baalgatha, which literally means childrens’ stories, is a podcast that delivers classic Childrens’ stories in Hindi and English, for which we primarily use WhatsApp as our distribution channel.In this new and exciting podcast, we will bring to you stories from India and around the world: stories that we have heard as children.

We noticed that many parents have outsourced the job of entertaining the kids to their tablets or smartphones. Baalgatha provides a unique way of narrating stories to children. Baalgatha, which is the flagship podcast of Kamakshi Media, will be soon launched in Marathi.



MyKitaab is a weekly podcast that is targeted towards authors who are looking to get their book published in India. Our guests include bestselling authors, entrepreneurs in the book publishing space, publishers, and Corporate leaders and bestselling authors. We have completed 60 amazing interviews with our guests till date, with many more in the pipeline.


Myths, Legends, and Fairytales of India

Logo of Myths, Legends, Fairytales of india Podcastt
MLFT Podcast

NRI:Now, Returned to India

In July 2016, we launched the audio narration of NRI:Now, Returned to India (Audio narration of book by Amar Vyas with the same title). This podcast is currently available in English and we will launch the Hindi and Marathi versions soon.

Past Shows Produced by Kamakshi Media

Digital Powwow with Kiruba and Amar  was a weekly podcast show on tools, technologies and trends in digital marketing. Season I of this podcast concluded in May 2016. This weekly show covered topics of interest in the digital media and social networking space. We talked about topics such as Quora , blogging by businesses, etc. Noted social media expert Kiruba Shankar was the co-host of this show.

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