Around June 2018, I began to curate children’s fairytales for the Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India Podcast. Many of these tales were unfamiliar to me, so I began to read them. And I am glad I did! Not only did I get to read fascinating classic tales from India, but I also had the opportunity to edit and rewrite some of them.

Why I rewrote the stories

Generally speaking, I observed some issues in the tales that we had shortlisted. Every story was translated over 100 years ago, and the language was not conversational – something that the children might find difficult to follow. It also made the narration process difficult. Then there was the matter of inconsistencies: to be fair, many of these folk tales were translated from verbal narration, which might have led to this. At times, I thought that the plots had holes. On other occasions, the names of characters had changed. In addition to simplifying the language, I also added context, new characters, elements and other details to make the story more interesting.

It was at times tiring, exhausting, but a fun activity and a great learning experience. When we had recorded the podcast episodes, we thought, “Why not make storybooks out of these scripts?” Thus, the works you see below were born.

These stories have been edited, rewritten or expanded by me. The names of original authors and sources have been mentioned in the “About This Book” section in every title.

You can read a sample by clicking here.

Where To Buy

If you find the titles and the stories interesting, please buy them from Amazon, Kobo or Apple Bookstore. These books might makes a child’s day!

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