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I write in both fiction and nonfiction genre. A list of his current and planned books is as follows:


Amar began writing fiction under the Amol Dixit Series, which is planned as a four part series that spans nearly ten years in Amol’s life.

NRI:Now Returned to India (Published in August 2014)

Mera Bharat MIHAN (Release: April 2018)

Urban,Sophisticated (Planned release: October 2018)

Underworld, Startup (Releasing December 2018)

The Learning Curve (Releasing February 2019)

Now, Returned to Bharat (Releasing September 2019)

Shatabdi (Releasing June 2019)



In 2018, Amar has planned to publish two books in the nonfiction genre:

Social Media Alphabet (September 2018)

How to Publish Your Book in India (May 2018)

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