What is the 60 Day Blogging Challenge

Update October 15, 2018:

I missed my first target. This time around, I have decided to up the ante – the challenge has been revised to 100 blog posts in 100 days, starting October 20, 2018.

Some of the topics I plan to write about include:

Startup Life:
As an entrepreneur, you go through triumphs, frustrations, but also moments of tremendous personal and professional satisfaction. This is all about that and then some.

online marketing, offline, in person marketing.. hate it or love it, you have to market yourself, your products, etc. Here we will mostly talk about social media marketing.

MyKitaab, Baalgatha, MLFT… podcasts that we create, product, market, and listen to. And of course, the process of launching a new show, learning from other podcasters, etc… it’s a long list, reallly!

and since I am also an author, I may write about Books:

Reading, writing, reviewing books, talking about book launch events, book clubs, and marketing… anything and everything related to books!

To help me get back into the writing habit, I am launching a 60 days, 60 posts blogging challenge. This challenge will begin from February 25th and go on till April 26th, 2018. Every single day during this period, I will publish one new post every day.

To break the monotony of writing, I will try and write these posts in multiple formats.Some posts may be in audio, others as a video, while most will be a mix of text, infographics, and images. These posts will be about 500 words each, and will cover a variety of topics related to podcasting and writing- the two things that I love to do. I will also talk about social media marketing and life in a startup. In all, over the next two months, I plan to share the things that I have learnt while setting up Kamakshi Media and being a part of its journey.

I will also update some of the older posts so that the content remains fresh, for example, a very popular blog that I had written: 7 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews Online. The title should now read 10 ways to Record, because there are newer options available, and some of options like clammr are no longer around.

Blogging Challenge:Sample List of blog posts I am planning to write

– Review: Dropbox Paper versus Evernote versus Zoho Writing App for online Writing and collaboration

– How To: Distributing Podcast using WhatsApp

– Case Study: Branding using Podcasts

– How To: Setting Up a Podcasting Station

– Resources: Tools I use for Podcast Production and Distribution

– Writing: Nanowrimo experience

– Content Management: How we use put content strategy into action

– Startup Life, and everything else that comes with it.


The Big List of Blogs is available here

Blog image used under CC0 License. Source: Pexels

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